EMDR therapy in Atlanta is one of several services Peachtree offers to help people whose lives have been disrupted by posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other effects of untreated trauma.

Trauma can have a devastating impact on both the body and the mind. When a person sustains a physical injury as a result of trauma, it’s obvious that they need medical attention. However, when someone is struggling with the psychological effects of trauma, they may not realize that they need professional care.

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How Does EMDR Therapy in Atlanta Work?

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. This technique is most commonly used to help people who experience considerable distress due to memories of traumatic events.

EMDR therapy was developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD, in the late 1980s. Dr. Shapiro originally called this form of therapy EMD. In 1991, she changed its name to more accurately describe the treatment and its effects.

Dr. Shapiro’s original work with EMDR therapy focused on treating people who had developed posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Through the years, EMDR therapy has also been used to treat people who had symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and other mental health concerns. At Peachtree Wellness in Atlanta, GA, we are able to treat individuals for these various mental health disorders with EMDR therapy.

How Does EMDR Therapy in Atlanta Work?

EMDR therapy in Atlanta is structured into eight phases. 

Phase 1

During the first phase of EMDR therapy, the patient meets with the therapist to discuss their history of trauma and establish their treatment goals. During this initial phase, the therapist and patient may begin to identify specific traumatic memories to address in future sessions.

Phase 2

The second phase of EMDR therapy focuses on preparing the patient for treatment. Phase two is when the therapist usually explains the features and procedures of EMDR therapy. The patient may also practice the types of eye movements that will play an important role in future phases.

Phase 3

Phase three is often referred to as the assessment phase. This is when a specific traumatic memory is selected. The patient will discuss their thoughts and feelings about this event. This will help the therapist establish a baseline for how the patient has been impacted by the traumatic memory.

Phase 4

The fourth phase of EMDR therapy is the desensitization phase. During phase four, the patient will move their eyes back and forth, following visual directions provided by the therapist. At the same time, the patient will focus on the traumatic memory that was identified during phase three. Over time, this process will help patients experience increasingly lower levels of distress when they recall the traumatic memory.

Phase 5

When a patient’s emotional distress has been minimized, they are ready for phase five, or installation. This is when the patient begins to replace their negative reaction to the traumatic memory with a healthier, more positive emotional response. 

Phase 6

Following the installation, phase six involves an activity called a body scan. To complete the body scan, the patient will think about the traumatic event and the positive thoughts they developed during phase five. While doing this, they will determine if they are feeling stress or other pain anywhere in their body.

Phase 7-8

The final two phases of EMDR therapy are closure and reevaluation. 

Closure typically occurs at the end of every EMDR session. Closure activities ensure that the patient has returned to a calm, relaxed state.

The reevaluation phase will be the first activity during the patient’s next session. This is when the patient and therapist will review what they’ve accomplished thus far and discuss goals for the current and future sessions.

Benefits of EMDR Therapy

The following are examples of the many benefits of receiving EMDR therapy in Atlanta at Peachtree Wellness Solutions:

  • Our treatment center is a safe, supportive, and welcoming place.
  • Your EMDR therapy will be incorporated into a comprehensive treatment plan that we create just for you. 
  • You can receive EMDR therapy at multiple levels of care, including residential, PHP, and IOP.
  • You will work with experienced professionals who truly care about your well-being.
  • We’ll always be happy to answer your questions and provide whatever information you need. This applies to EMDR therapy and any other aspects of your care at Peachtree Wellness Center.
  • We will help you identify your treatment goals, and then we will provide the services that will empower you to achieve your objectives.
  • Your treatment will include aftercare planning to help you make continued progress.

To learn more about how EMDR therapy at our center in Atlanta can help you, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. As we learn more about your unique circumstances, we’ll be better able to describe how we can help.

Who is a Good Candidate for EMDR Therapy in Atlanta?

EMDR therapy in Atlanta can help people who deal with a variety of mental health disorders. The therapist can discuss what diagnosis a person has and what sort of results they can expect when using EMDR to treat it. Someone who makes a good candidate for receiving EMDR therapy includes those who have one of the following disorders:

Side Effects of EMDR Therapy

Another benefit of EMDR therapy is that it has relatively few side effects.

Some people who have participated in EMDR therapy have experienced headaches or periods of lightheadedness during or after sessions. In the aftermath of EMDR therapy sessions, others have had particularly vivid dreams. 

It has also been reported that EMDR therapy may cause a person to recall painful memories that they had previously forgotten or repressed.

Finally, when you receive EMDR therapy in Atlanta at Peachtree Wellness Center, your EMDR therapist can help you address these or any other side effects that you experience.

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It’s no secret that PTSD and other effects of trauma can undermine your ability to live a full, productive, and satisfying life. However, when you get effective care, your life can get much better. Peachtree Wellness Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia, is a trusted provider of EMDR therapy and other trauma-focused services. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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