Spravato treatment is an innovative option in Atlanta, GA for people who have been struggling with particularly severe types of depression. Spravato treatment is a relatively new form of care, which means that many people are not aware of its features and benefits. Among those who learn about this approach, two common questions are, “Can Spravato treatment help me?” and “How does Spravato work?”

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What is SPRAVATO Treatment?

Spravato is the brand name of a prescription medication that can be incorporated into treatment for adults whose lives have been disrupted by certain forms of depression. 

The generic term for Spravato is esketamine. Patients who take part in Spravato treatment receive esketamine via an intranasal spray as well as an oral antidepressant. 

Spravato treatment may be provided in either an inpatient or outpatient setting. To be able to offer Spravato treatment, healthcare facilities and other providers must earn certification through the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Spravato for use in depression treatment in March 2019. In addition, Several clinical studies have assessed the safety and effectiveness of this medication.

What Does Spravato Treat?

Spravato treats adults who have depression symptoms that have not been alleviated by therapy and other medications. This concern is commonly referred to as treatment-resistant depression. 

According to the FDA, the term treatment-resistant depression can be applied to patients with major depressive disorder who, despite trying at least two antidepressant treatments given at adequate doses for an adequate duration in the current episode, have not responded to treatment.

In addition, Spravato can be used to treat people who have major depressive disorder and a history of acute suicidal thoughts or prior suicidal behaviors. 

At the present time, the safety and efficacy of Spravato treatment for children and adolescents has not been established. For this reason, this medication is authorized for use by adults only.

How Does Spravato Work to Treat Depression in Atlanta, GA?

As noted earlier on this page, Spravato treatment includes two medications: Spravato (esketamine) and an oral antidepressant. 

Most prescription antidepressants work by affecting how the brain controls the release and absorption of chemicals called neurotransmitters. Serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine are the neurotransmitters that are usually affected by antidepressants. These chemicals are associated with positive sensations such as joy, satisfaction, and elevated energy levels.

However, Spravato takes a different approach. Since this medication doesn’t focus on the neurotransmitters that most antidepressants target, you may be wondering how does Spravato work in the brain? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Spravato interacts with the areas of the brain that are involved with the production of a neurotransmitter called glutamate. 
  • Glutamate helps ensure that messages travel efficiently between cells in the central nervous system. Researchers believe that glutamate is also integral to a person’s ability to learn and remember.
  • When a person takes Spravato as directed by a qualified healthcare provider, this medication may lead to greater neuroplasticity. This means that the brain is better able to adapt in response to the person’s behaviors and experiences. 
  • Enhanced neuroplasticity has been associated with several beneficial outcomes, including improvements in the brain’s ability to repair areas that have been negatively impacted by major depression.

When you receive Spravato treatment at our center in Atlanta, Georgia, our team can explain the features and benefits of this medication to you in much greater detail. In addition, we will be happy to answer any questions you have about Spravato or any other aspect of your depression treatment.

Spravato Treatment Side Effects

As is the case with virtually every type of medication, Spravato can cause people to experience certain side effects. 

When a person takes Spravato in combination with an oral antidepressant medication, potential side effects may include:

  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Impaired coordination
  • Feeling sleepy or lethargic
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Elevated mood
  • Dissociation (feeling disconnected from your surroundings)
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Difficulty thinking clearly

When you receive Spravato treatment at Peachtree Wellness Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia, the professional who provides this care will discuss all potential side effects with you before you take the medication. 

Also, your treatment provider will monitor your progress and encourage you to discuss how this medication is affecting you, including both the beneficial aspects of Spravato treatment and any unpleasant side effects.

Having open and honest discussions with the members of your treatment team is an essential element of Spravato treatment and all other types of effective mental health care. 

Is Spravato Treatment Covered by Insurance?

At Peachtree Wellness Center, we understand that the cost of care can be a source of concern for many people who are seeking mental health treatment. Insurance policies can be challenging to understand, and it can be difficult to determine which services are or are not covered.

However, the good news is that several insurance providers cover Spravato treatment. Depending on their policy, some patients may have a small copay for this service.

To find out if your insurance policy includes coverage for Spravato treatment, please contact Peachtree Wellness Center directly or learn more on our admissions page. Our team can coordinate with your insurance provider to confirm your coverage and identify the benefits that you’re entitled to.

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