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About Our Mental HEalth Treatment in Atlanta

At Peachtree Wellness, we know how to help you turn your life around. Our mental health treatment center in Atlanta makes you feel welcome and comfortable from the first day. We get to know you and your needs, which helps us design a treatment plan that fits your specific goals. We use evidence-based therapies that identify the root cause of mental illness. Our multiple types of therapeutic program choices set you up for success in a treatment plan that puts you back in the driver’s seat. 


Mental health treatment in Atlanta

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What We Treat

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health disorders affect millions and takes a toll on the lives of millions in the United States

Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Dual diagnosis is the clinical term for having both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are characterized by intense worry, panic, and fear and prohibit you from living a full life.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

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When someone deals with a mental illness, they can feel scared. They want to get help but may not be sure where to turn. At Peachtree Wellness, our luxury facilities create a new paradigm of mental health treatment that keeps your comfort at the forefront.

A Continuum of Mental Health Treatment in Atlanta

Why Choose PEachtree Wellness?

Peachtree Wellness offers a unique and luxury approach to treatment. Our mental health programs in Atlanta allow each client to experience evidence-based therapies that work to achieve long-term recovery from mental illness. 

Personalized Solutions for Mental Health

Mental health treatment isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, and at Peachtree Wellness we fully integrate individualized care and meet each client where they are at.

A Full Continuum of Care

From Residential Treatment to PHP, to IOP, and more, we are with our clients the entire way through their treatment programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common symptoms indicating someone has a mental health disorder include consistent feelings of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. Many people experience a change in sleep patterns and appetite, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, and physical symptoms like headaches and digestive conditions. Mental illness affects a person’s ability to participate fully in their private lives, relationships, work, and school. 

Peachtree Wellness is not a lockdown facility and is not affiliated with any hospitals in the area, however, we may accept those who are discharging from the hospital as a step-down level of care.

If you are currently in crisis, it is suggested you call 911 or visit your local emergency room.

Yes. Peachtree Wellness accepts most commercial insurance plans. You can see what your plan will cover by submitting your information on our admissions page.

How long treatment lasts depends on several factors, including the illness, the severity of it, and the person’s physical health. On average, treatment is most effective when it takes place for two months or longer. 

We include family therapy in all of our programs to help family members come together and learn how to support their loved ones. Families learn how to communicate better and identify issues they can work on together

Peachtree Wellness is licensed through the Georgia State Dept. of Health and is Joint Commission accredited. 

Client Testimonials

Nick TalucciNick Talucci
15:31 17 May 23
ONLY FOR ADMISSIONS PROCESS -I never went to the facility, but this is only because of the horrible experience I received while dealing with the admissions team at PWS.I went to the facility to relieve some of the hesitancy that I was having about a treatment center, and I was met by an admissions member and one of the therapists on site, where I was able to ask questions, but didn’t have the answers to all of them. They were nice, and the admissions member gave me their phone number to answer any follow up questions I had and to answer the questions they needed further research on. They answered some, but not all, of my questions where a six day period went by with no response. I sent a reminder text to him to make sure he didn’t forget about my questions, as I can see he viewed my questions in the text message chat. He again didn’t answer all of my questions, and then an eight day period AGAIN I received no response, to what I assumed is a simple yes or no question. This is when I expressed my frustration and that I will not be attending the facility, giving my feedback how not answering my questions for almost weeks at a time doesn’t make me feel I will receive the care that I am being told at the facility. His response was that ‘they are there if I need anything’ Can you see how ridiculous that sounds? He was unable to answer simple questions and then spouts this lie, why were you not there before when I did need the help! They only care about getting you admitted because that is what’s making them the money, or at least that is what I felt from my experience with the admission team, sell a service that doesn’t exist or talking out of their ….Also the owner only responds to the positive reviews, so I doubt any of this feedback will ever make it anywhere in the admissions team, but be hesitant when talking to the admissions members as they will say anything they think you want to hear. I am sure the experience in the facility is ok, but just from this incredibly frustrating experience I want to leave this review to make sure it doesn’t happen to another struggling with their mental health. The last thing I wanted to do with this experience was have to baby sit an admission member to answer my questions.
Lori NeidlingerLori Neidlinger
13:14 21 Apr 23
Right from the start I knew PWS was different than any other facility around. They truly get to know their patients and form quick bonds. Kevin was an excellent communicator, always calling me back quickly, answering all my questions, and updating me on my son’s progress. They genuinely care about their patients. I’ve seen some pretty horrible places. PWS is a bright star.
MyLena BradleyMyLena Bradley
17:11 17 Mar 23
Coming to PWS has honestly been one of the best things that’s happened to me. Everybody has been so friendly and helpful. The community is welcoming, and I now have a forever support system. I love that they focus intensely on mental health and care about you even after you leave. I struggle with a lot of past trauma, and they’ve helped me to not be afraid to face it and heal from it. I stayed at the house and also did outpatient and both experiences have been great! All of the nursing staff is amazing and try their best to take care of your needs 24/7; especially Christian and Torrie!! They’ve all become a part of my family and I appreciate everyone at PWS. Shoutout to the best therapist I’ve ever had, Sophelia
Swan DubaySwan Dubay
20:49 12 Dec 22
It is clear that the goal was to assist my father in overcoming his sickness while they were there with him. It is strongly recommended that you look for this facility. I don’t care what you think of outbreaks of social anxiety; I can assure you they are no laughing matter.
Pauline ParksPauline Parks
12:35 07 Dec 22
I won’t mislead you or seem as though what happened was easy just because I don’t want to. Although it required a lot of work, getting to this point was well worth it. Amazing friendships have formed between the staff and the people receiving treatment at the facility.
Amanda RingAmanda Ring
06:15 02 Dec 22
Getting good care is so important for your mental health as the last few years have really taught us. I’m glad for the team at Peachtree Solutions because they offer more than just talk therapy. They offer solutions and options that work to treat the condition and provide the skills needed to manage it outside of the office. There’s no better mental health combination.
Marcus PurpuraMarcus Purpura
13:12 12 Nov 22
It is hard for me still to look back on the trauma I suffered. If I had to name the one thing that aided in my recovery from it the most, that thing would not be a thing but a person named Debbie. She wasn’t just skilled and caring. She was open and empathetic, telling me right up front that she had benefited from therapy as a child. She never once made me feel condescended to but always treated me with respect. Maybe it took being treated with respect by someone I held in high regards to allow me to respect myself again.
Josh MouserJosh Mouser
08:17 12 Nov 22
My daughter was at the Peachtree Wellness Solutions for a total of six months. She struggled with anxiety, sadness, thoughts of self-harm, and even attempted suicide on many occasions. Their Holistic Therapy and Genetic Testing protocols proved to be invaluable to her recovery.
Omar DasOmar Das
04:12 12 Nov 22
Both the family group and the support group here at Peachtree Wellness Solutions were useful to everyone involved. Even though my sister is back in her regular routine at home and work, she still has episodes of worry and rage, but she is better able to cope now. God bless you all.
Patricia AlvarezPatricia Alvarez
12:23 08 Nov 22
Here they really take the time to get to know you as an individual as opposed to just getting to know what issue you are suffering from. That allows them to determine which of their many treatment options will heal you best and the most quickly. My depression had not responded to any treatment previously and here it was identified that I might be the perfect candidate for something I had never even heard of called Spravado Treatment. Back to my point of them really getting to know the inner me as no other center had.
Darla GonzalezDarla Gonzalez
09:15 08 Nov 22
The first time I had to leave my wife there, it was difficult for me, and it never got any better. After around ten days, Lyndsey and her staff made her realize she would not be able to return home unless she participated in the program. Thank you all so much for putting her on the right path.
A Google User
A Google User
09:15 08 Nov 22
My daughter was at the Peachtree Wellness Solutions for a total of six months. She struggled with anxiety, sadness, thoughts of self-harm, and even attempted suicide on many occasions. Their Holistic Therapy and Genetic Testing protocols proved to be invaluable to her recovery.
Norma SandersonNorma Sanderson
17:36 06 Nov 22
If you put in the effort and pay attention, you can make the sessions received from Peachtree function. Because this is a problem that affects the entire family, not only does one need to adjust their behavior, but be open the receive the care and therapies offered here.
Ralph AlexanderRalph Alexander
10:05 04 Nov 22
I felt comfortable with Rachel immediately maybe due to the fact that we both originally hailed from NY. Anyway we clicked immediately and I can’t thank her enough for her positivity. It inspired what little I had left of mine and fought my depression hard. She was consistently there for me in those times when I needed her most.
Liliana SmithLiliana Smith
17:52 01 Nov 22
Had you told me in my younger years that I would be a resident in a mental health facility, that the facility would be a mansion and that I would become fast friends with a therapy dog name Maybelle, I probably would have thought you were the “crazy” one. But all of that has transpired and allows me to say that if you need the help, Peachtree is A+.
23:29 16 Oct 22
Amazing facility with all star staff. From the admissions process, to the group therapy, individual therapy, 24 hour nursing staff, case management, discharge planning, etc. I could go on and on. This place has the clients best interests at hand and truly wants them to succeed and be successful in life. Not to mention the housing is absolutely beautiful and the amenities are never ending.
Marc WiltshireMarc Wiltshire
15:22 17 Aug 22
The property is breathtaking and meeting the clinical staff that will directly impact lives of the clients and their families who attend this facility leaves no doubt in my mind at the impact it will have. Peachtree Wellness is a blessing to the surrounding area who may not have access to mental health services. God Bless
Alexandria DianeAlexandria Diane
17:08 03 Aug 22
This is an absolutely beautiful facility providing pristine patient care! They go above and beyond to ensure every patient feels welcome, safe, and apart of their entire treatment process!
Ben StathamBen Statham
13:39 20 Jul 22
Amazing!! Beautiful facility and the staff has the biggest hearts. I 100% trust this place with all things mental health
Robyn GoodartRobyn Goodart
13:19 28 Jun 22
Peachtree Wellness Solutions exceeds all expectations. The facility and housing are impeccable. The staff is not only caring but treats you like family. They are highly skilled in their roles and take great care in performing their duties. I highly recommend them.
Justin HeiligJustin Heilig
19:45 27 Jun 22
Amazing Facility. Staff truly cares about each patients care and is highly recommended in the community. Thank you for everything you guys are doing in the community. The southern part of Atlanta needs you all!!

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911 or visit your local emergency department.

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