At Peachtree Wellness Solutions, we offer holistic therapy for mental health in Atlanta for those looking for an alternate approach to treatment. When you develop a mental health disorder, the symptoms that you experience can affect how you think, feel, act, and perceive the world around you. At Peachtree Wellness Solutions, we understand the extensive impact that mental illnesses can have, and we believe that our holistic therapy can be an essential element of effective, comprehensive care.

You are not alone. You deserve to get help.

Peachtree Wellness is an industry leader in mental health treatment. Our team of top medical experts specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and are committed to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual. Call us today, we’re available 24/7.

What Is Holistic Mental Health Therapy?

Holistic mental health therapy is a treatment approach that acknowledges and addresses the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of illnesses.

Symptoms and disorders are, of course, important factors that deserve considerable attention in any healthcare environment. But for holistic therapists, the patient is the central focus of treatment

The treatment techniques and support services that are incorporated into holistic mental health therapy are designed to identify the full scope of the patient’s needs, with the goal of helping them achieve improved well-being in all facets of their life.

Holistic treatment is hardly a new concept. Holistic practices have been part of healthcare for centuries. For example, an article in the August 2019 edition of Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal notes that holistic principles have been embraced by the nursing profession since the 1700s.

Today, holistic mental health therapy unites time-tested elements of traditional medicine with emerging, evidence-based methodologies to promote the best possible outcomes for patients.

What Does Holistic Therapy Treat in Atlanta, GA?

At Peachtree Wellness Solutions in Atlanta, holistic therapy services may be provided to patients who have developed a variety of mental health concerns, including:

Holistic mental health therapy can also be a valuable treatment approach for dual diagnosis patients. Dual diagnosis refers to people who are dealing with both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder.

Types of Holistic Therapy We Offer in Atlanta

We specialize in a range of holistic therapies designed to complement each other and address various needs:

  1. Art Therapy: This creative form of expression can unearth emotions that are often hard to articulate. It fosters self-awareness, improves self-esteem, and reduces stress and anxiety. Art therapy provides a therapeutic conduit for releasing deep-seated feelings and traumas.

  2. Yoga: Beyond physical flexibility, yoga enhances mental agility. It incorporates breath control, meditation, and specific bodily postures to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve concentration and mood, contributing significantly to mental health maintenance and recovery.

Treating Mental Health with Holistic Therapy in Atlanta

When viewed from a holistic perspective, the term mental illness can be a bit misleading. 

Yes, disorders such as anxiety, depression, and OCD affect the way a person thinks and feels. However, the impact of these concerns isn’t limited to a person’s thoughts and emotions. 

Mental health conditions can influence a person’s physical wellness, their spiritual health, the quality and stability of their relationships, and all other parts of what we would consider to be a fulfilling life.

When a person’s mental health treatment is guided by the principles of holistic therapy, the individual has the opportunity to experience true and lasting healing in body, mind, and spirit.

To accomplish this, holistic therapy in Atlanta may incorporate a wide range of services and activities. 

Holistic Services & Activities

Meditation and mindfulness are often important elements of holistic therapy. Learning to quiet your mind and remain present has been associated with a wealth of benefits. These benefits include better stress management, improved sleep patterns, clearer thinking, and a more positive outlook on life.

Yoga both complements and builds on the beneficial aspects of mindfulness and meditation. In addition to promoting a healthy mind-body connection, yoga can help you achieve a more calm and focused state. Research suggests that yoga can also improve brain functioning. In addition, it can boost the production of neurotransmitters that are associated with joy and elevated mood.

Acupuncture has been a central component of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. This practice involves the precise insertion of very thin needles in strategic areas throughout the body. The UC San Diego School of Medicine reports that acupuncture has helped people who had been experiencing anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, and a multitude of other conditions.

Before you engage in any therapeutic activities or other services at Peachtree Wellness Solutions, a member of your treatment team will explain the procedure and discuss its purpose, features, and benefits with you. 

Being an informed and active participant in all elements of your care can lead to improved outcomes and greater satisfaction.

What to Look for In Holistic Therapy in Atlanta, GA

If you have been searching for a holistic therapist or a holistic doctor in Atlanta, it is important to find a professional who can provide you with a truly comprehensive treatment experience.

As you refine your search, here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Does the therapist or doctor have the necessary training and experience to treat people who have the disorder that you’ve been dealing with?
  • If you have co-occurring mental health disorders or dual diagnosis, will you be able to get the help you need?
  • Will your care be guided by a customized treatment plan?
  • How will the holistic doctor or therapist decide which services can help you?
  • Does the doctor or therapist offer residential treatment and outpatient mental health services?
  • How will they determine which level or levels of care are best for you?
  • Will your care be provided by a team of professionals, or just one person?
  • Does the holistic doctor or therapist offer aftercare planning or other long-term support services?

When you contact Peachtree Wellness Solutions to discuss holistic therapy in Atlanta, we will be happy to answer these and any other questions you have. Our commitment to superior, person-focused service should be reflected in every interaction you have with our team, starting with your very first phone call to our center.

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