At Peachtree Wellness Solutions, we understand that when you have a loved one that enters treatment for mental health or substance use disorder, you may find yourself at a loss of direction. We believe that when one person begins to recover, the entire family unit must be educated on the affects of mental illness. Families come to us tired, lost, while seeking guidance and peace. Our list of family resources and guides can help you understand the dynamics of mental illness in a family unit so that you can create the best outcomes for the future while your loved one is in mental health treatment.

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The Family System in Mental Illness

At Peachtree Wellness, we perceive the family unit as a system. Within these systems, each family member can influence the others. Mental health disorders or addiction can destabilize this familial equilibrium and wreak havoc on both the unit as a whole and its individual members. This often results in the formation of detrimental family dynamics.

Often, family members can take on the responsibility of maintaining the health of their loved one, neglecting their own health in the process. In many instances, feelings of guilt, shame, or fear can be common, leading to the emotional detriment of the family members. Breaking these patterns can be hard, and at times, nearly impossible without professional help.

At Peachtree Wellness Solutions, our team of masters level clinicians and family therapists offers a range of therapeutic modalities and interventions to help family members educate and heal their own maladaptive coping mechanisms. 

the Importance of Family Healing

While your loved one is in our care at Peachtree Wellness, family and friends are encouraged to understand that “no news is good news,” regarding your loved ones progress in treatment. Once admitted into the program, your loved ones primary therapist and/or other clinical staff will communicate with you at the appropriate time or if there is an emergency.

In addition, we encourage family members and loved ones to seek out and engage in their own resilience-building activities. This may look like taking care of long-neglected personal needs such as doctors appointments, therapists visits, or even attending mental health support groups such as NAMI, Al-Alanon, or CoDA. The staff at Peachtree Wellness is here to assist you in the process of referrals and educational materials if needed. 

At Peachtree Wellness, we understand and acknowledge the extreme challenges you have been through living and coping with loved ones with mental health disorders. It’s common to lack an innate understanding of how to effectively support your loved one. Dr. Michael Barnes’ videos delve into how addiction and mental health disorders affect family members and friends. These videos are particularly recommended for loved ones, especially after the affected individual has commenced treatment.

Understanding Family Systems

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Understanding Mental Illness

All too often, mental health disorders are stigmatized as a lack of willpower or moral failing. This misconception keeps the myth that these mental illnesses are manageable on one’s own alive. In addition, it keeps those struggling from reaching out for help finding the lifesaving care they need. At Peachtree Wellness, our clinical program guides clients through maladaptive coping mechanisms, helping them understand how to effectively manage their mental health disorders while learning new coping skills. Below are some helpful support groups for family members and recommended articles that may be useful to your situation.

Mental Health Support Groups

  • NAMI Family Support Groups: The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers peer led support groups on a weekly basis for family members, significant others, and friends of people with mental health conditions. 
  • Families Anonymous: FA is a 12-step fellowship for family members of those with alcoholism, drug addiction, and behavioral issues. 
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance offers a 90 minute weekly support group for families and caregivers of loved ones with mood disorders. 

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Mental health issues can be isolating, not just for those experiencing them, but also for their families and friends. Recognizing this, we encourage you to explore the array of mental health treatment options available.

With resources, guidance, and compassionate care designed to help not only your loved one but also you as you navigate this journey together, Peachtree Wellness Solutions offers a supportive community dedicated to mental wellness. Call us now at 770-202-1274 or verify your insurance

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