About the Peachtree Wellness Team

Peachtree Wellness’s multidisciplinary team of professionals is committed to the long-term recovery of all of our clients by providing compassionate and effective care. Whether they are nurses, therapists, or operations staff, each member views their role in the company as holding significant meaning and purpose, aligned with their calling in life as individuals and team members. We believe that everybody has the ability to recover from mental health disorders, and we’re committed to helping each person get there by providing an individual and evidence-based approach.

Jason Flaig

Jason Flaig, BA

Dr Bryon Mcquirt

Dr. Bryon McQuirt

Debbie Weatherford

Debbie Weatherford LPC, CPCS

Clinical Director
Robyn Goodart BA, CACII

Robyn Goodart BA, CACII

HR Coordinator
Kevin Pugh

Kevin Pugh

Director of Operations
Smith Cameron

Cameron Smith, BA

Director of Outreach
Lyndsey Wilks

Lyndsey Wilks

Case Manager

Christina Ozelis

Director of Nursing


Therapy Dog

Find The Best Mental Health Treatment in Atlanta Today!

At Peachtree Wellness, we employ mental health specialists from all walks of life with various backgrounds to best suit your needs. Our residential mental health treatment in Atlanta has 24-hour monitoring and gives clients the opportunity to heal from the underlying cause of their mental health disorder. Our specialized outpatient programs, including Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Program and more, are specialized for clients to find treatment within the scope of their daily obligations. For more information, verify your insurance and once of our compassionate admissions reps will reach out to you. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911 or visit your local emergency department.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Did you know most major health insurance plans with out-of-network benefits can help cover most of the costs associated with our program? Click below to find out your coverage and treatment options right now.