Peachtree Wellness Solutions is one of the top mental health facilities in Atlanta. We help people dealing with mental health disorders learn how to manage their symptoms and recover from these debilitating disorders. 

We provide evidence-based therapies and treatment for mental health conditions, along with compulsive behaviors and substance use disorders. Located in the beautiful Atlanta area, Peachtree Wellness Solutions offers a scenic and calming location that allows people to learn to manage their mental health. Under our guidance, they work on overcoming the challenges that mental health disorders cause in their lives.

Our Mission

The mission of Peachtree Wellness Solutions is to provide quality treatment that changes lives. We treat a population in need of proven ways to manage their mental health and lead happier, more productive lives. As part of our mission, we help eliminate the stigma for individuals who struggle with their mental health. They leave us with the ability to maintain the recovery taught by us.

Our Vision

The way we see it, every client deserves the autonomy to take charge of their mental health and enjoy the freedom that allows them. Every person we treat has the ability to grow and learn when it comes to managing their behavioral health care needs. As part of our vision, we provide a warm, safe environment with the structure needed, including therapeutic approaches. We want our clients to leave our mental health facilities in Atlanta needing a lesser level of treatment, if any, after healing with us.

Fully Accredited

As a fully accredited mental health residential treatment program, we've been recognized as a leader in mental health treatment in Georgia.

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Much debate has taken place over whether mental illness is born of a biological cause or experiences in a person’s life. In simpler terms, nature vs. nurture. The truth is that mental health issues can come from either situation or a combination of the two. Part of our treatment philosophy involves delving into the causal factors that contribute to a client developing mental health challenges. Armed with this knowledge, our clinical experts design a treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of each person. 

Decades of research show that one of the biggest contributing factors to developing and maintaining a mental health disorder is PTSD and trauma. Trauma can result from several big life events, including military combat, abuse, sexual or physical assault, natural disasters, and mass shootings. However, those are just some of the contributing causes that foster trauma in a person’s life. 

At Peachtree Wellness Solutions, we believe that trauma can also develop when a person does not have the knowledge or healthy coping skills to deal with challenging life experiences. So often, trauma occurs during childhood; a time in which most children are ill-prepared to deal with this type of occurrence. Traumatic events can happen at any time, and they can happen multiple times. Many people automatically react by trying to repress or deny the resulting feelings. Additionally, some turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the impact, only to go on to develop a substance use disorder. 

Peachtree Wellness Solutions assesses all of our clients to see if trauma has affected their lives. We learn if conditions like depression, anxiety, and more come from untreated trauma that happened in the past or is ongoing. Our trained staff knows how to treat each person with the compassion and respect they deserve. We teach them to revisit how they view their experiences and learn healthy coping skills to move them away from the shadow of trauma. Not only does this help remedy traumatic baggage already in effect, but it also helps clients deal with any future challenges with a whole new set of skills. 

Our mental health facilities in Atlanta provide a full continuum of care for every mental health condition. We help our clients learn that even if a diagnosis cannot be cured, it can be managed in a way that opens new doors and provides hope. Every person deserves to live a fulfilling, beautiful life, and we are here to point them to the path that’s right for them.  

People who Trust Peachtree Wellness

Don’t trust our word, let others share their experience, strength, and hope.

“Peachtree Wellness is unlike any other program in Atlanta. The level of dedication they are putting into the program from the start is something all Atlanta residents will be able to utilize.”

“The team at Peachtree Wellness is known for going above and beyond for their clients. From the residential center they are building in Atlanta to aftercare options and expert therapists, this program is going to change mental health treatment in GA.”

“The need for a quality residential program in Georgia for mental health has never been greater, which is why residents of Atlanta are excited for Peachtree Wellness to open. We need to treat mental health seriously.”

“As a mental health professional, when I learned that Peachtree Wellness was coming to Atlanta, it was something I’d already been hoping for. We need to put mental health first in Georgia and beyond!”

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