The impact that our mental health facility has on people’s lives is real. At Peachtree Wellness Solutions, our alumni and their family are the heartbeats of our program. We’ve helped hundreds of men and women from all walks of life overcome their dual diagnosis and mental health disorders. We receive reviews and testimonials from clients, alumni, and their families on a regular basis.

Amanda R.

Getting good care is so important for your mental health as the last few years have really taught us. I'm glad for the team at Peachtree Solutions because they offer more than just talk therapy. They offer solutions and options that work to treat the condition and provide the skills needed to manage it outside of the office. There's no better mental health combination.


Amazing facility with all star staff. From the admissions process, to the group therapy, individual therapy, 24 hour nursing staff, case management, discharge planning, etc. I could go on and on. This place has the clients best interests at hand and truly wants them to succeed and be successful in life. Not to mention the housing is absolutely beautiful

Patricia A.

Here they really take the time to get to know you as an individual as opposed to just getting to know what issue you are suffering from. That allows them to determine which of their many treatment options will heal you best and the most quickly. My depression had not responded to any treatment previously and here the Spravato treatment helped immensely.

Ralph A.

I felt comfortable with Rachel immediately maybe due to the fact that we both originally hailed from NY. Anyway we clicked immediately and I can’t thank her enough for her positivity. It inspired what little I had left of mine and fought my depression hard. Thank you Rachel!

Pauline P.

I won't mislead you or seem as though what happened was easy just because I don't want to. Although it required a lot of work, getting to this point was well worth it. Amazing friendships have formed between the staff and the people receiving treatment at the facility.

Megan H.

It's nice to know there are more options than just getting a pill to treat a mental health issue. Peachtree Wellness Solutions provides a lot of unique treatment choices I've never heard of. With my concerns, it's been a huge help. I highly recommend PWS and their caring staff.

Harold M, MD

I called and spoke to Cameroon Smith regarding my daughter and Cameroon went above and beyond my expectations in helping me resolve a major problem. He is truly a special person in my mind and deserves a pat on his back or hugs from all of the staff. God Bless you Cameron.

Robyn G.

Peachtree Wellness Solutions exceeds all expectations. The facility and housing are impeccable. The staff is not only caring but treats you like family. They are highly skilled in their roles and take great care in performing their duties. I highly recommend them and their facilities.

Marc W.

The property is breathtaking and meeting the clinical staff that will directly impact lives of the clients and their families who attend this facility leaves no doubt in my mind at the impact it will have. Peachtree Wellness is a blessing to the surrounding area for those who need it.

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