When you suffer from mental illness, you want to get better but may be afraid of the process. From the moment you reach out to us, we help you take that brave step of learning to manage your mental health and live a fuller, happier life. 

Our Atlanta team stands ready to help you navigate the path to better mental health. Our caring team members walk you through our easy, confidential admissions process. We talk with you to understand your needs and what kind of treatment program will best suit them. We can quickly verify your insurance and answer any questions you have about our programs. Our proven, evidence-based approaches to mental health treatment change lives and provide you with the peaceful space you need to heal. 


When you contact Peachtree Wellness, the first thing we do is learn about you. We want to ensure our program provides the right fit for your needs. We will ask you about your mental health history and any previous attempts at treatment. From there, we can determine what goals are best for you. We are happy to answer any questions you have. 


During the approval process, we verify insurance and discuss other payment options. The investment you make in treatment today pays off in great measure later on. Once you receive approval, we go over what to expect next so you will be prepared.  


Once you receive approval, your admission process begins. We establish a day and time for you to arrive. We go over treatment goals and a schedule for all necessary treatment sessions. On your first day with us, you will know what to expect and how we will partner with you to lead you to better mental health.  

See If You're Covered

Insurance Verification

We with most major insurance plans to help cover the costs of treatment.

To find out your coverage and benefits, please fill out our free insurance verification form. 

We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare, or Peach State insurance, however, we do offer cash pay rates.