The idea of looking for modern, effective treatment for mental health disorders can intimidate anyone. Whether you’re in search of help for yourself or a loved one, you want to know how to conduct a thorough search and find the perfect treatment options for your situation. Peachtree Wellness Solutions knows that each person has their own unique situation and treatment goals. For that reason, we created a 2024 guide to the best mental health facilities in Georgia.

What to Look For in a High-Quality Mental Health Facility in Georgia

When you begin looking at where to get help for a mental illness, the choices can feel overwhelming. However, there are ways to weed out programs that show red flags and may not offer quality treatment that meets your needs. Part of finding the best mental health facilities in Georgia includes finding out about the following aspects of each program and what experiences other people have had.

Are They Accredited?

Facilities that offer treatment for mental illness should have all proper and updated accreditation and certifications required by the state of Georgia. For example, the program should be accredited by:

Additionally, ask if the mental health counselors and other clinicians are licensed by the state of Georgia. 

Look at Reviews

The internet provides a plethora of ways to leave reviews for businesses, and this includes mental health facilities. Read reviews to get a feel for what people are saying.

Word of Mouth

Ask people you know if they can recommend a facility that treats mental illness. Word-of-mouth reviews can be some of the most promising ones.

Request a Confidential Callback

What Questions Should I Ask When I Contact a Mental Health Facility?

When you’re searching for the best mental health facilities in Georgia, have some questions prepared to ask. This helps you find out the specifics of each program and if they will suit your needs. The admissions staff should be willing to answer your questions and provide any extra information you need. Good questions to ask include:

  • Do you accept my insurance plan and what will it cover?
  • What are my options for private pay?
  • What types of treatment professionals are on your staff?
  • Is your staff trained to treat mental health disorders?
  • What therapy modalities does your program include?
  • What amenities do you offer?
  • Will I need to live at your facility temporarily?
  • How much time per day or week will I need to be at your facility?
  • Can I take a tour of your facility or see pictures or videos of it online?
  • Do you recommend options for aftercare once I graduate from your program?

What Types of Therapy Help Improve Mental Health Disorders?

The best mental health facilities in Georgia often offer more than one level of care. The admissions staff can help determine which level fits your specific needs. They will consider factors such as the severity of the mental illness, the symptoms the person experiences, and their treatment goals. There are two basic types of treatment for mental health disorders. The first type is residential care, which takes place in a facility where a person lives for 30 days or longer. Residential care is ideal for people who need to get away from their daily lives and receive 24/7 care from caring professionals. 

The other type of mental health treatment is outpatient care. There are three levels to this that include:

  • Regular Outpatient (OP): The lowest level of outpatient care usually requires only a few therapy sessions per week.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): The middle level of outpatient care offers structured support that lasts for a few hours per day several days per week.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): The highest level of outpatient care takes place five to seven days per week and provides many of the focused treatment options available in residential programs.

What Levels of Care Are Available?

The key to any plan to help people improve their mental health is exposing them to the right types of therapy for their specific illnesses and symptoms. The best mental health facilities in Georgia should offer different kinds of therapy that include individual therapy. This allows the person to speak privately with a therapist and open up about their emotions and experiences. Other common beneficial talk therapies include group therapy and family therapy. Modern treatment for mental health disorders should include options for holistic therapy and medication-assisted treatment. 

Other options that can be explored include:

What Resources Are Available in Georgia?

Treatment from a professional facility can help people, but they can also use free resources available in their area to round out their care. Someone in immediate danger should always call 911, but those not at that point who are undergoing a mental health crisis can benefit from talking to someone. They can also use referrals to local help or support on a national scale. 

Resources to check out include:

Begin Treatment for Mental Illness in Georgia

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