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The Top 6 Mental Health Facilities in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, Georgia, is home to a number of top-tier mental health facilities, each offering unique services and specialized care. Mental health treatment is crucial for individuals facing emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges. While there are many mental health treatment facilities in Alpharetta, there are a number that stand out due to their quality of care, diverse treatment options, and exceptional staff.

The Top Mental Health Facilities in Alpharetta, Georgia

1. Peachtree Wellness Solutions

Peachtree Wellness Solutions is a premier mental health facility near Alpharetta offering a continuum of care for mental health treatment for those 18 and older. We offer specialized residential and intensive outpatient mental health treatment rooted in evidence-based principles and trauma informed practices.

In addition, Peachtree Wellness Solutions offers dual diagnosis treatment catering to individuals who may have suffered from co-occurring disorders including mental health disorders accompanied by substance use disorder. Treatment focuses include evidence-based practices with masters-level clinicians backed by a luxury and comfortable setting.

Get in contact with Peachtree Wellness Solutions
100 Governors Trce, Suite 109-110
Peachtree City, GA

2. LifeStance Health

Lifestance Health is an outpatient mental health program located in Alpharetta. Lifestance offers outpatient counseling and psychiatry services for those of all ages through in-person services or telehealth services so that quality mental health care can be accessible to anyone. LifeStance serves over 30 states in the country and has 6,100 established clinicians.

Get in contact with LifeStance Health:

(470) 938-6670
5480 McGinnis Village Place, Suite 104
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30005

3. Embark Behavioral Health

Embark Behavioral Health provides mental health services for adolescents, teens, and young adults through outpatient programming including Partial Hospitalization Programming, Intensive Outpatient Programming, and Outpatient Treatment in Alpharetta. Embark treats a number of mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, among others.

Embark is accredited by the Joint Commission and provides evidence-based programming.

Get in contact with Embark:

960 North Point Pkwy, Suite 450
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30005

4. North Atlanta Behavioral Health

North Atlanta Behavioral Health is an outpatient mental health facility near Alpharetta offering dual diagnosis treatment for those 18 and older suffering from substance use and mental health disorders. North Atlanta gives individuals the flexibility to attend treatment and find healing throughout daily obligations and flexible scheduling.

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365 Market Pl
Roswell, Georgia, 30075

5. Thriveworks

Thriveworks offers in-person or online outpatient Psychiatry and Therapy in Alpharetta and is a great resource for those needing strictly outpatient sessions. Thriveworks offers numerous types of therapies including individual therapy, child therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, life coaching, marriage counseling, online therapy, psychiatry, and teen counseling. Many of their providers are in-network with major insurance companies and are experts in mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

Get in contact with Thriveworks:

(770) 676-3078
1025 Powers Pl
Alpharetta, GA, 30009

6. John’s Creek Counseling

John’s Creek Counseling is a dedicated counseling company offering a safe space for individuals and their families to find counseling services and therapy in Alpharetta. They offer in-person and virtual counseling services for children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and seniors. John’s Creek Counseling clinicians are highly trained in services such as play therapy, marriage counseling, EMDR Therapy, play therapy, and individual counseling.

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5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 280
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30002

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Top Treatment Center Characteristics

When looking for mental health services in Alpharetta, it’s important to consider several factors. By looking through and narrowing your search down to several aspects, levels of care, and service offerings, you can determine which facility is right for you:

  • Accreditations: Each facility holds prestigious accreditations from recognized healthcare organizations, which affirm their commitment to maintaining high standards in mental health care. These accreditations are a testament to their rigorous adherence to quality, safety, and ethical practices. For instance, accreditations from bodies like The Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) are often indicators of excellence in healthcare services.

  • Reviews & Testimonials: Patient and community reviews play a critical role in establishing the reputation of these facilities. Positive feedback from former patients and their families about the quality of care, the effectiveness of treatment, and the professionalism of the staff contributes significantly to their standing. Online platforms, healthcare forums, and word-of-mouth recommendations often highlight the compassionate care, successful treatment outcomes, and supportive environment provided by these facilities.

  • Treatment Requirements: The facilities Alpharetta are known for their comprehensive intake process, ensuring that each patient receives care that is specifically tailored to their individual needs. They assess and address a wide range of mental health issues, employing evidence-based practices and personalized treatment plans. This thorough approach to understanding and meeting treatment requirements is a key factor in their success and reputation, as it leads to more effective and lasting outcomes for patients.

  • Location: The strategic location of these facilities in Alpharetta, Georgia, adds to their appeal. They are situated in serene, therapeutic environments that are conducive to healing and recovery, yet remain easily accessible to residents. The convenience of their location, combined with the tranquil and supportive setting, makes these programs an ideal choice for those seeking mental health treatment. Proximity to essential services and a peaceful ambiance contribute to the overall therapeutic experience.

How Long Does Mental Health Treatment Last?

The duration of mental health treatment varies greatly depending on the individual’s specific needs, the severity of their condition, and the type of treatment program. Here’s a breakdown of different levels of care and their typical timeframes:

Residential Treatment

Inpatient or residential mental health treatment involves living at the facility for the duration of the program. This level of care is often intensive and is suitable for individuals with severe mental health conditions or those who require a structured environment. The length of stay can range from a few weeks to several months. Short-term programs might last 21-30 days, while long-term residential care can extend to 6 months or more, depending on the individual’s progress and needs.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Programs provide a high level of care without requiring the patient to stay overnight. These programs are often a step down from inpatient care or an alternative for those who need significant support but not 24-hour supervision. PHPs usually run 5-7 days a week for several hours each day. The average duration is about 2-3 weeks, but some may extend up to several months.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Programs offer a balance between significant therapeutic engagement and the ability to live at home. They are suitable for individuals transitioning from higher levels of care or those who require more support than traditional outpatient therapy. These programs often meet 3-4 days a week for 2-4 hours per session. The length of an IOP can vary from 1 month to several months, depending on the patient’s needs and progress.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment typically involves weekly sessions with a therapist or counselor. This level is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate mental health issues who can manage their symptoms with less frequent support. Outpatient treatment can be short-term (6-12 weeks) or long-term (several months to years), tailored to the individual’s needs and goals.

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How Much Does Mental Health Treatment in Alpharetta Cost?

While treatment is an investment of your life, cost depends on several factors including the level of care, if the facility is in-network with your specific insurance provider, and the length of time that treatment lasts. Exploring your payment options and insurance coverage is the best first step in determining what the cost of services would be.

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How Is Mental Health Treated?

Mental health treatment is diverse and multifaceted, offering various modalities to cater to the unique needs of each individual. Here’s an overview of some common treatment methods:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

CBT is a widely used evidence-based therapy that focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors. It’s effective for a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT):

DBT is a form of CBT that combines standard cognitive-behavioral techniques with concepts of mindfulness, acceptance, and emotion regulation. It’s particularly effective for individuals with borderline personality disorder, self-harm behaviors, or intense emotional responses. DBT involves both individual therapy and group skills training, focusing on building coping mechanisms.


Psychiatry involves the medical treatment of mental health disorders, often through the prescription of medications. Psychiatrists diagnose and treat a range of mental health conditions and may also provide psychotherapy. Medication management is critical, especially for conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or severe depression.

Find Mental Health Treatment in Alpharetta Today!

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health challenges, know that help is within reach right here in Alpharetta. Our community is home to some of the finest mental health facilities, offering compassionate care and a wide range of treatment options tailored to meet your unique needs.

Whether you’re seeking support for anxiety, depression, PTSD, or any other mental health condition, Alpharetta’s dedicated professionals are ready to guide you through a journey of healing and self-discovery. From individual therapy and innovative holistic treatments to specialized programs for all ages, our facilities provide a safe, welcoming environment where your mental health is the top priority.